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Web Application Development : Everything You Need to Know

Web application development has come a long way from static web pages and offers interactive features that almost act a mobile application. While mobile applications are faster and provide native capabilities, they need users to update apps regularly.

On the other hand, Web applications update automatically, and users can access them across devices without installation. therefore, it makes web application development far more attractive option for several organizations.

Our latest tooling simplifies the new web development that supports app versioning. We create and execute cross-platform apps on Linux, Mac, and Windows. In addition, there will be a single aligned web stack for Web UI and Web APIs.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a computer program that leverages the browser to execute specific functions. It communicates with the server- side for processing data through an HTML, AJAX, or API request.

Any web operation has two major parts, server- side and customer- side. These apps use server- side scripts to store and retrieve data. Further, it leverages client- side scripting to present the data retrieved through a server- side script on the user interface.

Web application development has attracted many businesses due to several benefits over conventional websites. The first and most significant benefit is the level of customizations that you can have in web applications without affecting the entire system. As both server- side and client- side scripts are mutually independent, there's no disruption while making changes to the UI.

Alternatives for Developing Mobile Apps

You can approach mobile app development in four different ways.

➛ Build Native Mobile Applications.

➛ Build Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications.

➛ Build Hybrid Mobile Applications.

➛ Build Progressive Web Applications.

There are advantages and disadvantages to building an application, no matter which approach you choose. By choosing an approach that matches your strategy, you can achieve the desired user experience, avail computing resources, and build native features needed for your application.

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